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You are in the right place... Galaxy Tattoo

You are in the right place...

Galaxy Tattoo

About Us

Galaxy Tattoo Piercing studio is a modern, friendly and hygienic tudio in Alanya/Turkey. With two tattoo artists. We are able to produce any kind of custom work for you. Such as tribal, black and grey old school, new school and anything of the combination of them. We keep our studio to the highest levels of hygiene and we use new needles for piercing and tattoos for each application for every client... When you visit Galaxy Tattoo you can expext to be treated with the best quality work from our professional artists and experienced staff in one of the most beatiful and relaxing atmospheres that you could ask for. Hoping that, you have a really good time and experience every time you visit us!!!


Alanya Galaxy Tattoo Studio

Har gått hos dessa trevliga...proffessionella killar i 7 års tid...kan verkligen rekommendera dom ...Tveka inte..GÅ HIT !!!



Alanya Galaxy Tattoo Studio

Killer ink by Mustafa Güler! My Lemmy portrait is awesome work, I love it as does all of the Motörhead fans that have laid eyes upon it. Furthermore, Galaxy Tattoo has a professional, welcoming and clean studio. Planning on extending my tatt to a who




What should l do before get the tattoo?

When you will get tattoo on your precious body, you have to obey some rules.. You can get shower before you get tattoo, Please do not take alcohol, eat very good 2 hours ago; Besides, it is much better to eat something sweet before you get the tattoo

How can I find your shop?

It is so easy to contact with us indeed. We have free pick up service whenever you wish to visit us in Alanya.. If you can send message by contact form , We are in front of your hotel max in 15 minutes..

Does it hurt to get a tattoo?

It hurts a bit, But it is much less than you guess; At the same time, We have special tattoo pain killer cream for you..

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Address: Atatürk Str. Opposite Of Azak Hotel

Behind Burger King ALANYA TURKEY

Phone: +90 555 420 52 30


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